A sunny day with lovely classes!

I had the best classes tonight! I truly truly love my job! Best in the world I tell ya! 😉 My students worked really hard and I am so pleased to see their progress and development! Now I’m gonna shower and soon go to bed, tomorrow is another great day I hope! Although a day without work… Just a few meetings, some cleaning and washing and wedding venue visiting! 😉 Will be very exciting! Maybe also, if my fiancé is feeling better tomorrow, a date in the evening! 😉 It has been so long since we had time together for dinner and movie. Cross your fingers!


On my way to work earlier in the sun…



My sweet morning!

Today I had my first morning off in quite a while. Was sooooo good to sleep in! Especially since my cold is still lingering unfortunately. My fiancé has also caught it and is bed bound since yesterday… 😦 So at 2 pm I am still in my robe, got a cute little cuddly cat in my lap, a nice cup of coffee (which is already finished and I wish it wasn’t lol) and catches up on the blog. I know I have been neglecting it a bit lately…sorry… At least I got the product list up from yesterday now! Hooray!

It’s really a nice day outside here today, the sun is shining! All though it is still very cold outside so I’m not really longing to go out. In a few hours I’m off to work, got contemporary classes all night this eve. 🙂 I got some hard work cut out for my students today but I know they’re up for it! 😉 Yesterday I was subbing a class for a coworker as well as having my own, sometimes it is so nice to just go in one class and work. I really enjoyed it and I think the students had a good time too! I’m hoping to see them in my High Heels class or Latin Jazz on Monday. They seemed so inspired-nice!

Hope you all are having great days too!