The look for today; floral

Today’s look is a fresh spring look with floral printing. This print, “Unikko”, is probably one of Marimekkos most known prints.


Dress: Marimekko
Shoes: Converse/Marimekko

Spring is slowly getting to Sweden… So this dress is perfect while we wait for the real flowers to blossom (and if course after they blossom too)!



Look of the day; Tabula!

Today I was really in the mood for jeans and pumps. I love that combo. So that was basically my starting point. 🙂 I originally started off with another blouse (also Marimekko but from spring/summer -11) but when I got to work and had my little makeup crisis I really needed to pick myself up a bit! Soooo what’s better then this lovely blouse in white and hot pink?! I’d love to pair it up with a pair of white jeans when spring really is getting here!


Jeans: dBrand
Blouse: “Tabula” Marimekko
Shoes: Pertti Palmroth
Ring: Aarikka
Earrings: vintage

Hope your are all enjoying the wonderful weather that I see through the window! 🙂


Supporting the spring’s biggest trend?

Yeah I sort of am! 😉 Black and white is one of the most over exploit trends this spring I think. Don’t get me wrong black and white during spring and summer IS rocking it for me, however when was it NOT a trend? 😉 I like to add a pop of colour to it (as you might know…) so here’s an example of using black and whites with pop of colour (please do forgive my sad and washed out tights…) 😉


Dress/tunic: Marimekko Continous collection
Shoes: Marimekko of Converse (last springs print)
Rings: (pink with many balls) Aarikka
All brands above can also be found at my favourite boutique byMaarit!


Casual Stripes

Today I just felt like going back to basic. Easy. Casual. What way to do it better then with classic Marimekko stripes?! The sweater is actually from the children’s collection and is called L.Pitkähia. The adult version is called Pitkähia. I have cut the neckline off of this one since the kid version of this sweater is kinda high in the neckline and I really don’t like to feel sweater necklines against my neck… These sweaters comes in different colours depending on season. Soooo comfy and wearable!



Jeans- Twist and Tango
Sweater- Marimekko fall 2012
Boots- Vagabond
Bracelet- Lindex


Look of the day; mix n match

Today I tried on a jacket/dress from Ritva Falla over my Marimekko lemon ice cream dress. I’m in love! I absolutely adore this multifunctional item!!! The print is both cool and timeless and its really really comfortable! How would you rock this jacket/dress?




Pics today are faceless or from my, for once unmakeuped, left side cuz I have gotten an allergic (or something) reaction under my right eye making it swollen and tearing… Thank god for lipstick when I can not wear either foundation, eyeshadow nor mascara… Yikes! 😛

Dress- Marimekko
Jacket/dress- Ritva Falla
Boots- Vagabond


Spring dresses!

Today I am spending my day in the boutique by Maarit before teaching my dance classes. I thought I’d share some of the spring fashion that is now crowded in store. It is truly a joy to work amongst all this color and patterns! Really makes me in a good mood! Do forgive the quality of the pictures today…or well uhm…the object on them more…eh me that is. LOL I was in a hurry trying to take the pictures in between customers… On my arm you can spot one of the bangles I made this weekend. See HERE.



This first dress is from Ritva Falla and it is a lovely bright raspberry red color. I like the zipper detail and the low waist. Unfortunately we didn’t get my size so this a bit big on me, however I think you get the idea. This dress also came in black and a really neat black and white graphical pattern. I might show you that print on another time. 🙂



This dress is from Marimekko and I have been eyeballing this one ever since it arrived. I haven’t dared to try it on earlier because I thought I might fall in love with it. And I did. This is truly my favorite dress from Marimekkos spring collection. LOVE the colors, the straight line, the diagonal pockets, everything! So now I am debating with myself weather to get the spending-pants on or not…. I rarely shop on full prize, being the bargain queen and all…but this dress seriously makes me think about doing an exception!

What do you think?


Inside my bag today!

I thought I’d share the inside of my bag with you today (since it’s not overfilled with training clothes…) The bag itself is from Marimekko from a couple of seasons back (summer 2012 I think). Calendar from Letts, wallet from Zara and small pouches in different sizes from Marimekko and H&M. I loooove little pouches! It has made my life so much easier and more organised! It’s a great tip if you, like me, loves handbags and changes often. Today I have a pouch for makeup, one for hairthingies (like comb, pins etc) and one for Iphonecharger, headphones and such. Today my handbag also contains a small box of chocolate pralines that I got as a Valentines day gift from my bff! ❤