The makeup for today: a perfect eyeliner

I´ve had an urge for a perfect eyeliner for the past days. You know a deep black, bold statement liner. So today I went for it. I matched it up with soft pinks and peaches to keep it neutral enough to wear for work (danceclasses).


Base: BB cream nr 2 from Leezi, loose powder also from Leezi, bronze powder H&M

Blush: a peach coloured blush from an unknown asian brand

Eyes: the pink shadow from Nouba quattro nr 628 over the entire eyelid, then I swept the peach blush over the crease and outer corner of eye. Eyeliner from Vsoya and mascara from L´Oreal. I used browpen nr 3 from Populart on my brows.

Lips: Lipgloss Innocent from H&M

Whilst we´re at eyeliners, have any of you tried on the sticker eyeliners that are out there now? I am übersceptic… I think I stick to the liquid ones!



I just found out…

…that I must really be a good MUA! Or at least a very clumsy one… 😉 Note to self; don’t experiment with unknown makeup when working in the boutique! You see, I got this brilliant idea this morning to bring along some new false lashes that I’ve been wanting to try. So I did. The thing was that you know I slept just three hours yesterday night (otherwise read about it HERE), worked all day in the boutique then had danceclasses, then went to pick up friends from the airport, got home to eat, shower, wash my hair (girls you know that takes time!), prepare for work today and pack my makeup bag for a bride consultation this eve….yeah didn’t get much sleep tonight either. LOL Soooo I only brought the lashes, lash glue, eyeliner and mascara… Very very confident MUA! 😉 Lashes has always been a piece of cake for me since I’ve used them for ages from my showgirl days. Well today everything that can go wrong did. So this little humble makeup look I got going today is really very complicated!


Step one: Put on base (BB cream, loose powder and bronze powder. Apply blush and fill in brows. I used two eye shadows , a light pink on the eyelid all the way up to brow and a brown on the outer corner of the lid and in the crease. Apply hot pink lipstick!

Step two: Go to work.

Step three: At work, whilst being “disturbed” by customers, hurry up and apply eyeliner and mascara ( here I noticed that the eyeliner wasn’t as it use to be but ignored it and rushed onto next step )

Step four: Try to be a good sales person whilst feeling eyeliner ALL over the lashes and lid.

Step five: Ignore that and hurry to apply glue to the lashes, oh yes cut them in right size before (or like me during) applying glue to the lashes. Press the lash down close to your own lashes. Get surprised because it doesn’t stick very well. Don’t realize that the eye liner is smudging around everything, press down harder and force the lash to stay. Repeat other eye. Swear in silence while greeting customers.

Step six: Re-apply eyeliner over the lash so it will look naturally, or in this case even more smudgy… Talk to a customer while the eyeliner is moving around on the lid. Try to keep her focus on the dress.

Step seven: realize that the eye liner has gone bad and that you look like a clown (yes of course I am exaggerating), tear the lashes of in frustration THEN realize you didn’t bring your makeup to work…

Step eight: use a paper towel (of course without remover or anything because we didn’t bring that either did we ?!?!) to carefully remove all eyeliner and glue. Try to figure out how to fix your now bare and red eyelid. Accidentally find an soft kajal pen in off white in your bag (hooray for find that because I have been looking for it like crazy! Must have fallen out of my makeup bag. Do we think everything happens for a reason?!?!) Use the kajal pen as an off white smudgy eyeliner over the upper lashes. Smudge it out upwards with your finger. Watch out for putting long finger nails INTO the actual eye… Apply same kajal pen on the lower water line. Add mascara.

Step nine: Be a little pleased with yourself. Check the mirror for the result. Notice that you have been frowning so hard that the makeup has cracked on forehead (!!! See this is interesting since it has NEVER happen before…and I use to train and dance in this makeup…) Sigh a little.

Step ten: With your hands…try to even out the base on forehead , the even out whole face to match in coverage.

Step eleven: Wash hands.

Step twelve: Take pictures and blog about it (remember to take numerous breaks due to customers)

There you go! Today’s easy makeup in a totally complicated way! Voilá!


The (Corporate) Look of the Day

Today I’m spending the day at the boutique, by Maarit, again. I thought that I today will share a more dressy look from here since I tend to show you mostly fun carefree Marimekko dresses (the day isn’t over so it may come anyways…) 😉 This is a subtle look that would work at most offices and workplaces. Yet it has an edge to it cuz of the boots (this is an excellent way for us 30 something women to dress classy without looking old!).


Burgundy/black boots- Din Sko
Burgundy jeggings- Zara
White tshirt-?
Black Blazer- Vuokko
Scarf- Marimekko

I matched the look with makeup in burgundy and grey and a nude sparkling lipgloss from MAC.

Do you agree that this is a grown up yet not old look?!?! 😉