I just fell in love…

…and that my friends is a good sign to that I am well again! LOL I have been having some sort of flue the last few days and since Sunday really been under the weather… 😦 Poor lil me! 😉 Today I was feeling a bit better and thought I´d scoop the web for some inspiration for what I might wear to a dear friends wedding this summer. I know, I am way a head of myself (as usual) since the invitations haven´t even arrived yet. But still. I like to be prepared! One thing led to another and BAM there they were…my new and totally unconditional love! I WANT! I NEED!


They´re just classy enough for me to wear and just crazy enough for me to love! I found them on Lightinthebox.com (surprised???) so they are also totally cheap! Do you think these babies should move to me in near future?!



And after work…

I promised a better review after working so here it is….

The products I used today was also from the “little” package that I had ordered from Lightinthebox.com.
Base: BB cream from Leezi and a powder from the same brand. The foundation was a little too light for me so I had use a bronzing powder, I used Bronzepowder from H&M.
Rouge: I used the same rouge as yesterday (since it was the only one I ordered) but unfortunatley that is also unavailable at the moment.
Eyes: I used two eyeshadows from my “old stock”, Vanilj och Kakao from .FÄRG. Vanilj on the eyelid and under the brow and Kakao in the crease and on my eyebrows. First I tried to use this eyeliner, however it was lumpy and really bad in quality. I don´t know if it was a bad batch or just bad quality overall but it didn´t run smoothly and it messed the eyelashes up a bit. I gave up after half an eye and applied the one I used yesterday, this one. It is a high shine eyeliner with a small brush that is userfriendly and leaves a smooth line when applied. I really really like this one! The fact that it lasted through all classes today without smudging makes me like it even more! This is definately a good bargain that I will make again! Since the lashes was mashed up from the bad eyeliner I used my old mascara Volume Million Lashes Excess.
Lips: I tried the new lipstick in colour #24 but it is more of a lipgloss. I still like it though. The only thing is that it didn´t last all too well, but that again for that prize reapplying is just fine! 😉

Here´s my after photos (remember I have been dancing for about 5 hours…LOL);



The before pictures you can see HERE.

The only thing I can “complain” about is that the foundation disappeared abit on my nose when I blew my nose during the evening (still got a cold…), otherwise I must say I am rather pleased with it all! 🙂


My packages has finally arrived!

I told you yesterday that I had to run to the postoffice to get packages. So this is what I was waiting for;







My huge order of makeup and nailpolish from Lightinthebox.com! Of course I had some expert help with the unpacking… Cleo is not only cute but also very curious… 🙂 I can´t wait until I get to try everything out to see if I truly made some bargains! 😉

E (the bargain queen)

My hunt after Kaley Cuocos blazer…

…has been going on since I saw her redcarpet look for the Grammy Awards. Have a look HERE if you forgot how it looks. Her blazer is of the brand Amen and I have been looking arround for a cheaper alternative. Bargain-queen at you service! 😉 However so far I found nothing. Well nothing that I liked that is. All though, I found some other really cute blazer for springtime (not that I don´t have any already but more is merrier right?) on the great site lightinthebox.com I have shopped there once and was very happy with delivery time and quality. Am currently waiting on package again. 🙂 So here are a few blazer alternatives for springtime (which I can´t wait until it arrives…);





What do you think? Alternative 1,2,3 or 4? Or all? 😉 Sorry for the tiny pictures but couldn´t get them any bigger… 😦


The first package has arrived!

Yes! Today my first (out of what I think will be seven) packages arrived! Oh how I have been waiting! The phonecall from Fed-Ex saying; are you home we will be there in a few minutes, made me feel like a child on christmasmorning! And then, just a few minutes later the fed-ex guy rang my door and handed over the package. Hooray! For you who have been reading my blog a while you might remember my shopping spree on the webshop Lightinthebox a while back? (Post can be found HERE) And for you who just got here and doesn´t read swedish, I had a huuuuge shoppingspree in january at Lightinthebox.com where I, well at least I hope that I did, made some real good bargains. Judging by the package I got today, I surely did! I have unwrapped a pair of danceshoes, one dancepant, two dancetops and a unitard. Everything fitted me perfect, the quality was higher then expected, and with the two dancesweaters there came a top to wear underneath with one and a vest to wear under the other! I´ll see if I can get some pictures for you from this evenings danceclasses. 🙂 If you wanna order I suggest that you go up a size in the sweaters, I did and that was perfect (ordered medium but is normally small). When I looked at the site today I couldn´t find the pants nor the unitard so maybe they´re out of stock now.


Of course my little helper, the chubby nakedcat with curly fur, helped me out!




Here´s some pictures from the website of what I ordered;




Gotta tell you that this really made my day! And I needed that, it´s been snowing again…


Nytt försök på lyckan

Ikväll har jag gjort ett nytt försök på klicket till den fullkomliga lyckan! 🙂 Kommer ni ihåg de fabulösa dansskorna jag skrev om i inlägget “Ett klick sen är lyckan min?!” Om inte så kommer en bild här för att påminna er…


Visst är de snygga?! Vill ni beställa dem kan ni göra det HÄR. Att klicka på länken kommer dock med en varning… Det finns så otrooooligt mycket saker på Lightinthebox att köpdjävulen gärna tar över! Att mycket dessutom är tokbilligt gör ju inte saken bättre direkt… Så ja självklart slank det ner en hel del mer i kundvagnen. Och ja självklart blev det en hel del nagellack och makeup. Lovar att berätta om kvaliteten när paketet väl anländer (om nu gudarna vill vara mig nådig denna gång).

Pöss på er!