So today I hit rock bottom…

…when I had instant coffee for breakfast… If you read my blog for a while, or know me personally, you know I LOVE coffee. It is my only (?) load. Yesterday I fear my coffeemaker died. R.I.P. 😩 It got ill before christmas so we had a sparepart for christmaspresent from my parents, hooray. However it rejected it and now it died. So I have to get us a new coffeemachine. And boy is that a jungle! I just read an article on whatÂŽs important when buying a new coffeemachine; heating, amount of coffee, time, the setting of the coffee-grinder where you buy the coffee, preassure, temprature and so on and on and on… Jeesh! All I want is a coffeemachine that makes me coffee, espresso, latte and cappucino easily, that is low maintenance and preferably looks good. So, anyone got any tips?







Speaking of peacocks…

I love peacocks! I think it is one of the most beautiful birds ever and to me they are a symbol of beauty and elegance. So I showed you my look earlier, which was a bit inspired by peacock colours, so I thought I should continue on the subject. Cuz there are a few peacocks lurking about my home as well. 🙂 So I know we all think of bright colours when we think of peacocks, however I got a few more subtle ones at home that I also love!

My hallway…


My kitchenwindow (which is half empty cuz the cats like to sit there and look out…)…