The day about me, me, me!

Yup that was yesterday! I spent the entire day doing only things for myself. That was a day loooong overdue! 😉 I think it started with the scare visit at the hairdresser… LOL Read about that HERE. So yesterday I took the longest shower ever to take time for full body and face scrub, shaving legs, foot massage and hairtreatments. I also had lunch out with a friend, Bought me some new makeup and ended the day with a canceled class that turned into coffee and chocolate cake with my lovely Gretchen! 🙂

But today is a new day and I’m off to work in the sunshine wearing my new lipstick!




Cotton Candy…or my hair?!

So I finally made a trip to the hairdresser. Oh boy did I get yelled at… Ok here´s the deal, I haven´t cut my hair since october. I was a redhead for quite sometime and just recently let it go back to my “natural” haircolour. Today I also realised that I have been focsuing on the wrong thing with my hair, volume instead of health. All this together has made my hair in reall bad quality. It got nicknamed cotton when it was wet….hrm… Am I proud of this? Not so much no… If you follow my blog you know that I recently gave up schampoo for the benfit of a no-poo cure with baking soda and cidervinegar. I was really happy about this because it gave my hair volume. I´m thinking that maybe that´s not what I need as much as hairoils and treatment to cure the damaged hair. The fact that the hairdresser forbade me to use flatirons and curlers for a while scares me. Heck yeah it scares me that my hair is in such a bad shape that it can actually break! Gah! And when scared it´s easy to get talked into stuff…? LOL Well bye bye no-poo and hello saloonschampoo, leave in conditioner and deeptreatments! He really really made me guilty about not taking care of my hair! So you guys who do no-poo, is your hair in good shape? Is it old sins hunting me or is it the baking soda in combination with old sins (as red colouring and wetbrushing and no treatments)?



See, after a special oiltreatment at the hairdresser it looks much more healthy and shiny! All though not too much volume in there at the moment… 😦 Hehe


So I did it!

Yup I tried it! The baking soda shampoo and cider vinegar rinse. Test one; yes it was a child play to make! Test two; my hair hasn’t felt this clean in years! Test three; I actually have volume in my otherwise very fine hair! Test four; it’s shiny where my hair is healthy, very shiny. However it was hard to brush through after and the normally at the moment very dry and split ends got bet frizzy and required additionally hair oil. Test five; I can’t smell the vinegar at all… My fiancé, whom has forbidden me to eat my favorite crisps (salt n vinegar) because he gets nausea from it, can’t smell the vinegar either!!!! Well I think you all already realized, I’m gonna stick to this DIY shampoo for a while to see how it’s developing! 🙂


The pics is of my hair totally unstyled, no products no blowing with brush or anything. And yes I know I need to cut it… 😉