The Liebster Award!

Today I got my first blog award nominee!!!!! Yay! Thank you Lovely miss Vanilly, my fellow makeup addict! Make sure you check out her blog HERE.

For those of you who do not know the LIEBSTER AWARD is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.  Liebster is German for  sweetest, kindest, nicest, Isn’t that lovely? what an amazing honour. Blogging is about having a voice. Showing the world your loves and thoughts your hopes and dreams (even if those dreams are about lashings of mascara). Blogging is a wonderful creative output and there are plenty of amazing people writing wonderful words for you to read so get clicking!


The instructions of the Liebster Award are:

 *Thank your nominator and link their blog

*Write 11 facts about yourself

*Answer 11 questions that your nominator set for you and devise you own set of 11 questions.

*Tag 5 or 11 other blogs for the award, they must have less than 200 followers. Don’t forget to inform them and link back your post so they know the details

Well I think I already did the first instruction but to really make sure I´ve covered it… THANKS AGAIN gorgeous Gilly Vanilly! 😉

Here is 11 facts about me;

1. I always start my days with coffee and a cookie.

2. I talk to myself whenever I need to figure things out.

3. I sing loudly in the shower.

4. I love books! To read, to look at, to decorate with etc etc

5. I suck at being practical….style before comfort anyday! 😉

6. I hate to pack when I travel, always gives me anxiety. May have something to do with fact 5…

7. I spoil my sphynx kitties.

8. I always have some kind of nailpolish.

9. I am slightly obsessed by handbags and probably have too many if you ask a sane person.

10. I am a good listener.

11. I have the bestest handyman fiancée whos wife I´ll be next year!


Miss Vanilly´s questions for me;

1.  If you could only pick one product to represent your style what would it be?

Well if we talk about makeup (so I can´t say nailpolish 😉 ) it probably is lipstick. If I can´t wear anything else I go for lipstick cuz it´s easy, fast and can add a pop of color to any dull day!

2.  what inspires you to blog?

The hope of that I can inspire and/or help someone with their wellbeing.

3. where would you live if you could pick anywhere?

Hm, probably somewhere warm but for now I am just where I like to be. 🙂

4. What city would you like to visit?

Always dreamt of Paris and on friday we´ll be going! Yay!

5. Whats your favourite food?

I love food. Period. But if I have to say something I think dumplings has a special place in my heart.

6. whats your guilty pleasure?

Just one?! 😉 Coffee. Cookies. Candy. Oh and playing WOW, but hush…

7. who makes you happy?

My finacée without a doubt! There is noone that knows me better, gets me better and knows how to handle me better! 😉

8. Whats your favourite song?

A tu manera with my talented friend Raúl Lara y sus soneros. Great message and great rythms!

9. What languages can you speak?

Swedish, of course since it´s my native tongue, English, German and Spanish.

10. What is your hidden talent?

I don´t hink I have found it yet…all is out and open! lol

11.Tell us a secret…

See question 6. Hush…. ;P



My questions for my lovely nominees;

1. Less or more?

2. What do you obsess about?

3. If you were an animal, what would it be?

4. What´s the one thing in your beauty routine that you never skips?

5. How long have you been blogging?

6. If you could meet any person, dead or allive, who would it be?

7. One pair of Manolo Blahniks or 7 pair of knock offs?

8. If you find yourself with a coupple of hours free to do anything you like, how would you spend them?

9. What´s the last thing you do before you sleep at night?

10. Do you have a nickname, and if so what is it?

11. Who is your hero?


And, drumroll…….here is my nominees!


Monty the Sphynx





I hope you enjoy their blogs like I do!




Crafty night; Cardigan + Dress = Jacket (Part 2)

It’s just a little after 3 am and I just put away the needle and thread… I’ve been super inspired two nights in a row and now my jacket is really coming along! (Read Part 1 HERE) Hooray! I can’t wait for it to get ready so I can show you! 😉 But for now I will leave you with just a little sneak peak of my master piece! LOL


Good night everyone!!!


My look for non traditional easter dinner wiff fiancé…

Yeah we just wanted to spend time together this easter day. So after a looong walk in the sunshine, coffe downtown, some chillin in the sofa at home we decided to go out for dinner. We ended up ( as usual 😉 ) at a local italian restaurant with the best pizzas ever! 🙂 Chevré toast as starter, real thin and crisp italian pizza and then pannacotta to tip things of, yummy! When we got home I asked my fiancé to take some photos so I could share my todays look with you guys and I got company by the cutest lil model you´ve ever seen! 😉 Always nice to get a proper welcome when one steps inside the door…



Dress: Top Shop
Boots: Scorett
Watch: Regal from Ur & Penn
Bracelets: mix from H&M, Colours of India and my own DIY bracelets
Earrings: H&M
Super cutest model: The chubby cat Kyra


Base: Mineral powder from FÄRG, in Nordic Winter Fair
Blush: Vision from FACE
Mascara: Vsoya
Brows: Populart browpen nr 3
Lips: I mixed lip pens from FÄRG nr 5 and 9, then added lipgloss from Goldbear nr 20 over it


New clothes for the cats?

So now that I started on my DIY project to turn a cardigan and a dress into a jacket (read my first post about it HERE) I was thinking that maybe I should use the leftovers to sew new clothes for my cats. Well my cats are of the breed Sphynx wich means they are naked and that means that they sometimes when we travel wears clothes… The little one doesn´t mind at all however the chubby cat with the hot temper goes into one of her bad moods when she has to wear a jacket… Now they wear black fleece jumpers I sew of my mothers old fleece jacket together with a dogjacket. But maybe it´s time for something more fashionable?!







Algonquin Hotel Cat Fashion Show

Funny Cats Fashion show_5

Funny Cats Fashion show_6

And my own lovelies;

First the little Cleo in her fleece (don´t have pics of Kyra in her fleece because she got in a bad mood and hid under the bed and then didn´t leave the travel cage on the train)

Cleo in her dogjacket

Kyra, the chubby cat (and here also grumpy cat) in her dogjacket

And at the shelf on their pillow, overseeing us at home 🙂


Cardigan + Dress = Jacket?! (Part 1)

This evening I finally starting on one of my DIY projects I have been thinking of lately! 🙂 I have this (crazy?!) idea about turning this boring cardigan and this out of date dress into a fun spring jacket! Now that I started on the project I can’t wait until I get to finish it! I really think it can be good. At least it looks awesome in my head! 😉 What do you think, is my mission possible?



So I did it!

Yup I tried it! The baking soda shampoo and cider vinegar rinse. Test one; yes it was a child play to make! Test two; my hair hasn’t felt this clean in years! Test three; I actually have volume in my otherwise very fine hair! Test four; it’s shiny where my hair is healthy, very shiny. However it was hard to brush through after and the normally at the moment very dry and split ends got bet frizzy and required additionally hair oil. Test five; I can’t smell the vinegar at all… My fiancé, whom has forbidden me to eat my favorite crisps (salt n vinegar) because he gets nausea from it, can’t smell the vinegar either!!!! Well I think you all already realized, I’m gonna stick to this DIY shampoo for a while to see how it’s developing! 🙂


The pics is of my hair totally unstyled, no products no blowing with brush or anything. And yes I know I need to cut it… 😉


DIY Schampoo?

I was reading up on my fellow blogger, Keira, site about one fabulous look she made due to not-so-recently-washed hair (check it out HERE). I hear ya sister! Me and one of my dearest friends (and neighbour) is always talking about the mess of hairwashing… She´s a dancer like me so our problem is the daily working out making the hair even more dirty and then the fact that we DON`T want to wash it everyday for it´s health (and to the fact that it is a huge project to wash, dry and style…lmao). So I was reading up on the blog and I got a bit surprised by all comments made about DIY schampoo with baking soda! How on earth can I have missed this?! If it does work it meassures up to all my favourite bits about products; cheap, inviremental friendly, health friendly! It really really makes me curious to try it out. Has anyone of you tried this method? How was the result?