Hot or not=buy or not

So I have been having my eyes on this fire red coat at the boutique I work. It is a vintage coat from the designer VUOKKO. I just love the intense color and the huge pockets! But sometimes I think it is too much 80’s vibe over it. So what do you say? Hot or not?






I just fell in love…

…and that my friends is a good sign to that I am well again! LOL I have been having some sort of flue the last few days and since Sunday really been under the weather… 😦 Poor lil me! 😉 Today I was feeling a bit better and thought I´d scoop the web for some inspiration for what I might wear to a dear friends wedding this summer. I know, I am way a head of myself (as usual) since the invitations haven´t even arrived yet. But still. I like to be prepared! One thing led to another and BAM there they were…my new and totally unconditional love! I WANT! I NEED!


They´re just classy enough for me to wear and just crazy enough for me to love! I found them on (surprised???) so they are also totally cheap! Do you think these babies should move to me in near future?!


Look of the day; Tabula!

Today I was really in the mood for jeans and pumps. I love that combo. So that was basically my starting point. 🙂 I originally started off with another blouse (also Marimekko but from spring/summer -11) but when I got to work and had my little makeup crisis I really needed to pick myself up a bit! Soooo what’s better then this lovely blouse in white and hot pink?! I’d love to pair it up with a pair of white jeans when spring really is getting here!


Jeans: dBrand
Blouse: “Tabula” Marimekko
Shoes: Pertti Palmroth
Ring: Aarikka
Earrings: vintage

Hope your are all enjoying the wonderful weather that I see through the window! 🙂


Crafty night; Cardigan + Dress = Jacket (Part 2)

It’s just a little after 3 am and I just put away the needle and thread… I’ve been super inspired two nights in a row and now my jacket is really coming along! (Read Part 1 HERE) Hooray! I can’t wait for it to get ready so I can show you! 😉 But for now I will leave you with just a little sneak peak of my master piece! LOL


Good night everyone!!!