I just had to share this fabulous photoseries with you! I love love love how they combined fashion with dance and art! 🙂



Shoes Christian LouBoutin CR Fashion Book : Fantasy Footwork

Shoe Brian Atwoodbrian-atwood /CR Fashion Book : Fantasy Footwork


Shoes Gianvito Rossigianvito-rossi /CR Fashion Book : Fantasy Footwork

Shoes Manolo Blahnikmanolo-blahnik /CR Fashion Book : Fantasy Footwork


Shoe Sergio Rossisergio-rossi /CR Fashion Book : Fantasy Footwork  Shoe Aquazzuraaquazzura/CR Fashion Book : Fantasy FootworkModels : New York Giants wide receiver Ramses Barden and New York City Ballet dancer Faye Arthurs wore custom designed shoes, created exclusively for CR portraying the famous pas de deux ballerina dance form.

Photographe – Paul Maffi

source crfashionbook.com

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A sunny day with lovely classes!

I had the best classes tonight! I truly truly love my job! Best in the world I tell ya! 😉 My students worked really hard and I am so pleased to see their progress and development! Now I’m gonna shower and soon go to bed, tomorrow is another great day I hope! Although a day without work… Just a few meetings, some cleaning and washing and wedding venue visiting! 😉 Will be very exciting! Maybe also, if my fiancé is feeling better tomorrow, a date in the evening! 😉 It has been so long since we had time together for dinner and movie. Cross your fingers!


On my way to work earlier in the sun…


My sweet morning!

Today I had my first morning off in quite a while. Was sooooo good to sleep in! Especially since my cold is still lingering unfortunately. My fiancé has also caught it and is bed bound since yesterday… 😦 So at 2 pm I am still in my robe, got a cute little cuddly cat in my lap, a nice cup of coffee (which is already finished and I wish it wasn’t lol) and catches up on the blog. I know I have been neglecting it a bit lately…sorry… At least I got the product list up from yesterday now! Hooray!

It’s really a nice day outside here today, the sun is shining! All though it is still very cold outside so I’m not really longing to go out. In a few hours I’m off to work, got contemporary classes all night this eve. 🙂 I got some hard work cut out for my students today but I know they’re up for it! 😉 Yesterday I was subbing a class for a coworker as well as having my own, sometimes it is so nice to just go in one class and work. I really enjoyed it and I think the students had a good time too! I’m hoping to see them in my High Heels class or Latin Jazz on Monday. They seemed so inspired-nice!

Hope you all are having great days too!


@ work

Right now I’m at working waiting to begin classes. I put on makeup from my delivery today to see if it can take the heat of three danceclasses! I tried a few new products (I will put a post up about exactly which ones when I get home and how they were when applied) with various results so it will be interesting to see how it’s holding up to the sweat-test! 😉




So maybe I need to accept my defeat. The cold has hit me. My throat is soar and my body weak, oh glory! Meaning there will be no pictures of me today, lmao. Thank god I am “only” working my danceclasses today…

Has been searching the web today for new dancewear. I think I need to kick my dancewardrobe up a notch. Especially for my latin jazz class. And boy did we have a blast yesterday! Soooo much fun!









What do you think? Can dancewear be stylish? Think I can rock any of the above? 😉


Soft day off

Today I had a really soft day off from work. Was much needed… My body is a bit worn out at the moment and I have an inflammation in a coupple of muscles, a nerv in distress and a cold lingering… Do I dare to say that yesterdays classes really wore me out?! So I really took a day off. Our appartment needs cleaning really but it was so good to just relax and hang out with my fiancé when he got home from work so I have totally ignored it all! My next day off is sunday so I think I´ll have to deal with it in the week…in between jobs…LOL Well it felt so cosy having dinner today cuz it was so carefree! We sat in front of the tele and ate leftovers from a minxpie I made on saturday, had beer straight out of the bottle and just relaxed. Qualitytime much needed and much appriciated! So ignore the mess you can see in the picture and imagine the carefree realxing feel of it all! 😉 I hope you all had a great Monday too and even though most of you have been working, today was my weekend! Now I am ready to work again and next week will be a weird mix of danceclasses, preschool and boutique work for me! Maybe a makeup or two also…if I can manage the schedule! LOL In case you didn´t notice already, I like to keep busy! 😉



The first package has arrived!

Yes! Today my first (out of what I think will be seven) packages arrived! Oh how I have been waiting! The phonecall from Fed-Ex saying; are you home we will be there in a few minutes, made me feel like a child on christmasmorning! And then, just a few minutes later the fed-ex guy rang my door and handed over the package. Hooray! For you who have been reading my blog a while you might remember my shopping spree on the webshop Lightinthebox a while back? (Post can be found HERE) And for you who just got here and doesn´t read swedish, I had a huuuuge shoppingspree in january at Lightinthebox.com where I, well at least I hope that I did, made some real good bargains. Judging by the package I got today, I surely did! I have unwrapped a pair of danceshoes, one dancepant, two dancetops and a unitard. Everything fitted me perfect, the quality was higher then expected, and with the two dancesweaters there came a top to wear underneath with one and a vest to wear under the other! I´ll see if I can get some pictures for you from this evenings danceclasses. 🙂 If you wanna order I suggest that you go up a size in the sweaters, I did and that was perfect (ordered medium but is normally small). When I looked at the site today I couldn´t find the pants nor the unitard so maybe they´re out of stock now.


Of course my little helper, the chubby nakedcat with curly fur, helped me out!




Here´s some pictures from the website of what I ordered;




Gotta tell you that this really made my day! And I needed that, it´s been snowing again…