The Liebster Award!

Today I got my first blog award nominee!!!!! Yay! Thank you Lovely miss Vanilly, my fellow makeup addict! Make sure you check out her blog HERE.

For those of you who do not know the LIEBSTER AWARD is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.  Liebster is German for  sweetest, kindest, nicest, Isn’t that lovely? what an amazing honour. Blogging is about having a voice. Showing the world your loves and thoughts your hopes and dreams (even if those dreams are about lashings of mascara). Blogging is a wonderful creative output and there are plenty of amazing people writing wonderful words for you to read so get clicking!


The instructions of the Liebster Award are:

 *Thank your nominator and link their blog

*Write 11 facts about yourself

*Answer 11 questions that your nominator set for you and devise you own set of 11 questions.

*Tag 5 or 11 other blogs for the award, they must have less than 200 followers. Don’t forget to inform them and link back your post so they know the details

Well I think I already did the first instruction but to really make sure I´ve covered it… THANKS AGAIN gorgeous Gilly Vanilly! 😉

Here is 11 facts about me;

1. I always start my days with coffee and a cookie.

2. I talk to myself whenever I need to figure things out.

3. I sing loudly in the shower.

4. I love books! To read, to look at, to decorate with etc etc

5. I suck at being practical….style before comfort anyday! 😉

6. I hate to pack when I travel, always gives me anxiety. May have something to do with fact 5…

7. I spoil my sphynx kitties.

8. I always have some kind of nailpolish.

9. I am slightly obsessed by handbags and probably have too many if you ask a sane person.

10. I am a good listener.

11. I have the bestest handyman fiancée whos wife I´ll be next year!


Miss Vanilly´s questions for me;

1.  If you could only pick one product to represent your style what would it be?

Well if we talk about makeup (so I can´t say nailpolish 😉 ) it probably is lipstick. If I can´t wear anything else I go for lipstick cuz it´s easy, fast and can add a pop of color to any dull day!

2.  what inspires you to blog?

The hope of that I can inspire and/or help someone with their wellbeing.

3. where would you live if you could pick anywhere?

Hm, probably somewhere warm but for now I am just where I like to be. 🙂

4. What city would you like to visit?

Always dreamt of Paris and on friday we´ll be going! Yay!

5. Whats your favourite food?

I love food. Period. But if I have to say something I think dumplings has a special place in my heart.

6. whats your guilty pleasure?

Just one?! 😉 Coffee. Cookies. Candy. Oh and playing WOW, but hush…

7. who makes you happy?

My finacée without a doubt! There is noone that knows me better, gets me better and knows how to handle me better! 😉

8. Whats your favourite song?

A tu manera with my talented friend Raúl Lara y sus soneros. Great message and great rythms!

9. What languages can you speak?

Swedish, of course since it´s my native tongue, English, German and Spanish.

10. What is your hidden talent?

I don´t hink I have found it yet…all is out and open! lol

11.Tell us a secret…

See question 6. Hush…. ;P



My questions for my lovely nominees;

1. Less or more?

2. What do you obsess about?

3. If you were an animal, what would it be?

4. What´s the one thing in your beauty routine that you never skips?

5. How long have you been blogging?

6. If you could meet any person, dead or allive, who would it be?

7. One pair of Manolo Blahniks or 7 pair of knock offs?

8. If you find yourself with a coupple of hours free to do anything you like, how would you spend them?

9. What´s the last thing you do before you sleep at night?

10. Do you have a nickname, and if so what is it?

11. Who is your hero?


And, drumroll…….here is my nominees!


Monty the Sphynx





I hope you enjoy their blogs like I do!




@ work

Today I am at one of my three regular workplaces ….and then I freelance… Am soooo lucky I love all of my jobs! 😉 This one, the boutique, is a quite relaxing place compared to the dance and makeup. Here I get to surround myself with lovely patterns and colours on the clothes. Here I get inspiration for the other jobs. Kinda neat huh?!

Todays look is a dark denim pant combined with one of my favourites from the boutique, the tunic Elleana from Marimekko. I added a pair of soft blue suede pumps and wooden jewelry from Aarikka. I kept the makeup simple and classic with an eyeliner with wing and red lips.


Classic fall look with a twist! Just loves the teal and blue combo!


Todays makeup; cool in cucumber!

I actually had some time to play with my own makeup today! Yay! Still fun but oh so much harder than to make others prettier! 😉 Now I’m gonna eat something fast and prepare for my students to come!


All eyeshadows are from FÄRG and can be found at
I used “björk”, “lindblomma”, “kaffe” and “grädde” for this look. “Nougat” and “peppar” on the brows abd the hint of rouge you can see is “aster”. I love that thees shadows are multifunctional!


Tired monkey in a cage???

I’m back at work today. Work for me today consists both of boutique and danceclasses. Why do one thing when you can do two? 😉 Unfortunately the past days inspirational nights has totally messed up my dayrythm… So I slept three hours tonight. Zzzzzz I must admit it makes me a wee bit grumpy. It doesn’t help that I have workers outside the windows working on the house facade. So I’m not only grumpy, I’m a grumpy monkey in a cage… Or well that how it feels. My morning latte and caramel wafer didn’t cheer me up either so now I have to think of a way to cheer myself up! I am not a grumpy person really and I don’t like myself the few times I feel like this… Cheer me up anyone?!?! I’ll just entertain myself with Grumpy Cat whilst you think of a way to cheer me up!


It’s me and Grumpy cat today I tell ya! 😉


Morning latte, best time of the day?

I know there’s gotta be more people out there then me who just loooooves their morning coffee! Today it tasted extra special good because I drank it in one of my new mugs. I bought these yesterday after an instant fall-in-love-moment at the store! It has all of my favourite elements; patterns, lots of colour and cute writings. “Funday Monday to Sunday” is my favourite and it’s gonna be my new life mantra!



The mugs are from Indiska and can be found HERE.


Cotton Candy…or my hair?!

So I finally made a trip to the hairdresser. Oh boy did I get yelled at… Ok here´s the deal, I haven´t cut my hair since october. I was a redhead for quite sometime and just recently let it go back to my “natural” haircolour. Today I also realised that I have been focsuing on the wrong thing with my hair, volume instead of health. All this together has made my hair in reall bad quality. It got nicknamed cotton when it was wet….hrm… Am I proud of this? Not so much no… If you follow my blog you know that I recently gave up schampoo for the benfit of a no-poo cure with baking soda and cidervinegar. I was really happy about this because it gave my hair volume. I´m thinking that maybe that´s not what I need as much as hairoils and treatment to cure the damaged hair. The fact that the hairdresser forbade me to use flatirons and curlers for a while scares me. Heck yeah it scares me that my hair is in such a bad shape that it can actually break! Gah! And when scared it´s easy to get talked into stuff…? LOL Well bye bye no-poo and hello saloonschampoo, leave in conditioner and deeptreatments! He really really made me guilty about not taking care of my hair! So you guys who do no-poo, is your hair in good shape? Is it old sins hunting me or is it the baking soda in combination with old sins (as red colouring and wetbrushing and no treatments)?



See, after a special oiltreatment at the hairdresser it looks much more healthy and shiny! All though not too much volume in there at the moment… 😦 Hehe


Cosy Friday afternoon latte n scones

Right now I am having a latte and scones at a cafe. Cosy. But not how I had my afternoon planned! LOL I was heading into town to stop by my nail place and get my nails refilled. Quickly. In and out. Well that’s how it’s normally goes at least… Now they were busy for another two hours and voila, here I am trying to pass time. I stopped by a shop or two and it always ends badly… So next to me is a bag with a scarf and bracelet… Real bargains though! Half of the sale price! But still… So I thought I better sit myself down before I can do anymore damage… 😉 Unfortunately this delay in my schedule also means I am missing out in helping my fiancé rehearse a salsa routine with another couple for a show… Sorry mi Amor! (he doesn’t read my blog unfortunately but I’ll just show him this later and try hard to be the bestest wife-to-be in the hole wide world…)