Look of the day; black n white n a pop of color

Today I work at the Makeupstudio Education. I have black pants (that you cant see on this picture…) together with our tshirt and a black n white blazer.  I love the black and white look. Especially together with a pop of color on the lips! Hot pink lipstick is a favourite of mine when I dress in black and white. I matched it with a low sleek ponytail. I rarely have my hair parted in the middle, like I do today, cuz I think it looks a bit harsh…  Do you agree? Will I scare my students today you think? 😉


Hope you all will have a fabulous evening! I know I will!!!



Hot or not=buy or not

So I have been having my eyes on this fire red coat at the boutique I work. It is a vintage coat from the designer VUOKKO. I just love the intense color and the huge pockets! But sometimes I think it is too much 80’s vibe over it. So what do you say? Hot or not?





So it’s been a while….

I know. Waaaay too long. So what have I been up to since last time? I am now certified in lashextension! 🙂 And I got a new job as a makeupteacher! Yay and hooray! Got many more exciting things coming too! 😉 BUT I’m planning on getting back here!

Todays look is all about the lips! Isadora Zinfandel. Very autumny, don’t you think? 😉



I just fell in love…

…and that my friends is a good sign to that I am well again! LOL I have been having some sort of flue the last few days and since Sunday really been under the weather… 😦 Poor lil me! 😉 Today I was feeling a bit better and thought I´d scoop the web for some inspiration for what I might wear to a dear friends wedding this summer. I know, I am way a head of myself (as usual) since the invitations haven´t even arrived yet. But still. I like to be prepared! One thing led to another and BAM there they were…my new and totally unconditional love! I WANT! I NEED!


They´re just classy enough for me to wear and just crazy enough for me to love! I found them on Lightinthebox.com (surprised???) so they are also totally cheap! Do you think these babies should move to me in near future?!


Look of the day; Tabula!

Today I was really in the mood for jeans and pumps. I love that combo. So that was basically my starting point. 🙂 I originally started off with another blouse (also Marimekko but from spring/summer -11) but when I got to work and had my little makeup crisis I really needed to pick myself up a bit! Soooo what’s better then this lovely blouse in white and hot pink?! I’d love to pair it up with a pair of white jeans when spring really is getting here!


Jeans: dBrand
Blouse: “Tabula” Marimekko
Shoes: Pertti Palmroth
Ring: Aarikka
Earrings: vintage

Hope your are all enjoying the wonderful weather that I see through the window! 🙂


Supporting the spring’s biggest trend?

Yeah I sort of am! 😉 Black and white is one of the most over exploit trends this spring I think. Don’t get me wrong black and white during spring and summer IS rocking it for me, however when was it NOT a trend? 😉 I like to add a pop of colour to it (as you might know…) so here’s an example of using black and whites with pop of colour (please do forgive my sad and washed out tights…) 😉


Dress/tunic: Marimekko Continous collection
Shoes: Marimekko of Converse (last springs print)
Rings: (pink with many balls) Aarikka
All brands above can also be found at my favourite boutique byMaarit!