This weeks nails; rock n roll fire!

So today I finally painted my nails again. They got a lil crazier than I normally go…. maybe my migrain yesterday gave me extra psychidelic inspiration! LOL I must admit that I really made a mess painting thees ones. Well well they nay not stand for a close up inspection but on a little distance they do look rather cool! They make me think of a painted motorcycle. Yet a rather girly one.  😉


I started of by painting the entire nail in a hot pink. Twice. Then I made flamelike lines from the cuticle and up on the nail by using sewing pins (i really need to buy some brushes for my nails don’t I?!) dipped in nailpolish.  I used a black and two different shades of blue. Then I used the black polish to “tie” the lines together closest to the cuticle. The last step made me mess things up a bit but I didn’t like the hot pink coming through the lines down there. I finnished if with a high gloss top coat. Voilá!



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