The makeup for today: a perfect eyeliner

I´ve had an urge for a perfect eyeliner for the past days. You know a deep black, bold statement liner. So today I went for it. I matched it up with soft pinks and peaches to keep it neutral enough to wear for work (danceclasses).


Base: BB cream nr 2 from Leezi, loose powder also from Leezi, bronze powder H&M

Blush: a peach coloured blush from an unknown asian brand

Eyes: the pink shadow from Nouba quattro nr 628 over the entire eyelid, then I swept the peach blush over the crease and outer corner of eye. Eyeliner from Vsoya and mascara from L´Oreal. I used browpen nr 3 from Populart on my brows.

Lips: Lipgloss Innocent from H&M

Whilst we´re at eyeliners, have any of you tried on the sticker eyeliners that are out there now? I am übersceptic… I think I stick to the liquid ones!



4 thoughts on “The makeup for today: a perfect eyeliner

  1. fortheloveofgloss says:

    Too bad the blush is unknown – it looks lovely on you! I find it hard to find peach blushes that look pretty without being too orangey, but this one looks perfect. I have tried the sticker-liners; they are as ridiculous looking as you’re afraid they are! Stick to liquid!

    • It says Glass Makeup on the blush but I haven´t been able to track it down. I got it from but it is no longer in stock unfortunately. I have a similar colour from the swedish brand FÄRG that I loooove, Aprikos it´s called. Unfortunately you can only get a hold of FÄRG in Sweden for now. Check the shadow out HERE. If I mix Aprikos with the colour Persika (also from FÄRG) it gets almost exact like this blush. I do agree though, it´s hard to find the “perfect” peachy blush! And thanks for sparing me the need (curious in nature…) to try the stickers….lol

  2. DesignAndDiy says:

    Love your makeup, clean but still something extra!

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