The daily Sphynx: a lil gremlin?

I found my little cat, Cleo sleeping in the bedspread this morning. She looked sooo cute so I couldn´t help myself but to wake her with a lil kiss on the nose and a coupple of photos. The later wasn´t all too popular. She gave me the look from the second picture before curling back into the bedspread and sleeping some more…





4 thoughts on “The daily Sphynx: a lil gremlin?

  1. oh my goodness! what a precious little bubsh she is! =) totally would LOVE to have a hairless cat- my son is allergic to ours and whatever they bring in from outside on their fur so i have to get them shaved all of the time. ha. i love her!

    • You should visit a Sphynx breeder to find out if your son can tolerate them! At least here in Sweden most breeders allows allergic people to come and “sniff” to see if they tolerate Sphynx’s. Just to still your curiosity at least! 🙂 A big bonus is that it’s a really nice breed, very social and fun! Like having a cat, dog and monkey in one! All though they need some grooming and farts a lot! LOL

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