How on earth did I manage before???

I have absolutely no idea how I got by before I found this amazing lipbalm!!! It takes care of my really dry lips but also my extremely dry cuticles and other dry spots that allergic people like myself tend to get… You can get it at the pharmacies in Sweden but I don´t know if you have it in othor countries. Anyone know of this? Anyways, if you can get a hold of this one I can really recommend it, especially if you are sensitive and/or allergic!


Do you have any favourite lipbalms? Do tell me about them!



5 thoughts on “How on earth did I manage before???

  1. daniejean20 says:

    Is this balm only available in Sweden? I’m in the States and would love to know if I can buy this in California.

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  2. themakeuphound says:

    Carmex is such a favourite, I also tried Lanolips which is like a gloss balm and that is sooooo good! xx

    • Carmex is such a favourite for alot of my friends too! lol I just never got it…it´s like with the eight hour cream…I just don´t get it…lmao 😉 Never heard of Lanolips though! Have to check that out! 🙂 Thanks for sharing you tips!

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