Tired monkey in a cage???

I’m back at work today. Work for me today consists both of boutique and danceclasses. Why do one thing when you can do two? 😉 Unfortunately the past days inspirational nights has totally messed up my dayrythm… So I slept three hours tonight. Zzzzzz I must admit it makes me a wee bit grumpy. It doesn’t help that I have workers outside the windows working on the house facade. So I’m not only grumpy, I’m a grumpy monkey in a cage… Or well that how it feels. My morning latte and caramel wafer didn’t cheer me up either so now I have to think of a way to cheer myself up! I am not a grumpy person really and I don’t like myself the few times I feel like this… Cheer me up anyone?!?! I’ll just entertain myself with Grumpy Cat whilst you think of a way to cheer me up!


It’s me and Grumpy cat today I tell ya! 😉



One thought on “Tired monkey in a cage???

  1. […] did. The thing was that you know I slept just three hours yesterday night (otherwise read about it HERE), worked all day in the boutique then had danceclasses, then went to pick up friends from the […]

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