Nails of the week; Basic Black

A bit late, I know, but here is finally the nails if the week! I went for an easy quick yet stylish look with high gloss black this time. Basically because my time is very very limited for this sort of luxury these days! LOL


The black polish is from Depend and the high gloss finish is from Seche Vite dry fast top coat.

I’m hoping to be able to pick things up here soon when my dance classes are slowing down a bit and I “just” have my trainee spot at the make up school and only a couple of dance classes a week. 🙂 But for now, when my days goes on from 8.30 am until 10 pm and dance performances coming up meaning 6-7 days of work each week, I will be afk mostly! 😉

Have a good one everyone!



Nails of the week; Gradient Glitter

So I know it’s been awhile…. The thing is that I got this marvellous offer to go back to my old makeup school but this time as a teacher trainee! Yay! This means that my time is very very limited between that and my danceclasses and everything… Well for now I’ll leave you with this weeks nails that I made with a glitter polish and Seche Vite top coat. Easy and fast was just what I needed today! 😉



This weeks nails: gradient green

This week I did the nails in gradient green… Twice. LOL Made a version with nailstickers on first but unfortunately they must have become old because they began to fall off during the night (did nails the last thing I did). So this morning I redid them. 🙂 Still in gradient green but without flowers. Which I actually think I prefer! Which one is your favorite?!?!




The favourite lipglosses?!

Everybody loves lipglosses right? I´ve always been a lipstick girl and am really happy that lipstick is back on the scene again, however nothing beats the lightness and easyness of a good lipgloss right? I thought I´d share some of my favourites at the moment with you guys. Feel free to respond with your favourites, I´d love to hear what you guys use and love too!

My absolute favourite right now is this pink lipgloss from Goldbear (nr 6). It is soooo priceworthy and really has a high gloss without shimmer to it, a look that I love.


Another favourite is the richly shimmery lipgloss from MAC´s Marilyn Monroe Collection fall 2012. It´s opposite of the Goldbear with it´s shimmer and is perfect for evening wear, alone or ontop of a gorgeous lipstick/pen.


Clarin´s Colour quench lip balms has always been a favourite for as long as I remember. It´s something about how it feels on the lips. So smooth and just nice. 🙂 They come in lovely colours too, with Sweet Papaya being my alltime favourite.


I always keep a coupple of H&M glosses arround too, both clear (those are perfect over lipsticks, alone or to be blended with your favourite eyeshadow) and tinted ones. I like the easy access of H&M products and their glosses actually have rather high quality for it´s price.


These are just a few of all lipgloss that´s in my life/makeupbag…lol I might share others at another time. For now theese are my toplist! 🙂 So what´s your lipgloss toplist?


The makeup for today: a perfect eyeliner

I´ve had an urge for a perfect eyeliner for the past days. You know a deep black, bold statement liner. So today I went for it. I matched it up with soft pinks and peaches to keep it neutral enough to wear for work (danceclasses).


Base: BB cream nr 2 from Leezi, loose powder also from Leezi, bronze powder H&M

Blush: a peach coloured blush from an unknown asian brand

Eyes: the pink shadow from Nouba quattro nr 628 over the entire eyelid, then I swept the peach blush over the crease and outer corner of eye. Eyeliner from Vsoya and mascara from L´Oreal. I used browpen nr 3 from Populart on my brows.

Lips: Lipgloss Innocent from H&M

Whilst we´re at eyeliners, have any of you tried on the sticker eyeliners that are out there now? I am übersceptic… I think I stick to the liquid ones!