Nails of the week; Happy Dotted Easter!

Friday always means new look on my nails (but yes I realise it´s passed midnight and that it will look like this post was put up on saturday, however I still think it´s friday so hmpf if you say otherwise 😉 ) and since it is easter I wanted to use fun colours. I decided on a yellow background with colourfull dots.


For this look I used a total of 7 different polishes including the dry fast top coat from Seche Vite. I used a yellow nailpolish from Depend (356) as a base then added dots using the back end of a match and the head of a sewing pin. The orange polish is also from Depend (124). The turquise dots are made with the turquise polish in this trio and the pink ones from the pink in this trio. The green and dark purple dots are made of two of these polishes. Dots are a rather easy way to make a fun pattern on your nails and according to me a good way to start with nailart! Don´t rush putting on your topcoat though because the dots do need their drying time! (If you look closely you´ll see that patience isn´t my strong side…;) )

Hope you enjoyed the dots and your good friday! Happy Easter everyone!!!



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