Makeup of the day; an updated version of classic 80´s colour

Today I used he classic 80´s colours bubblegum pink, blue and pale orange in a new more updated version of a 80´s makeup. I got the inspiration from an old sweater I used to have back in the 80´s and that I suddenly got to think about today. 🙂


Base: BB cream from Leezi nr 1, loose powder also from Leezi, bronze powder from H&M.

Blush: Vision from FACE and a blush that I bought from and that isn´t in stock at the moment (similar to Aprikos from FÄRG).

Eyes: I used four different eye shadows for this look; Vitsippa, Linnea, Saffra and Scilla. All from FÄRG. I started with Linnea over the entire eyelid, after I applied Saffran also over the entire eyelid to create a sort of pinkish orange base. After that I applied the blue colour, Scilla, under the eye and on the outer corner of the eyelid up into the crease. Then I went back with Linnea (pink) over the middle and outer corner of the eyelid, I also applied a little of Linnea under my eye to get the blue a little purple. I added more of the orange, Saffran, on the inner part of my eyelid to create a gradient look of orange, pink, purple, blue. Then I applied a white shadow, Vitsippa, under my brow and in the inner corner of the eye and carefully blended all colours so there where no sharp edges in between the colours. I curled my lashes and added mascara from Vsoya. I used Popularts browpen nr 2 to fill in my eyebrows.

Lips: For this look I wanted a soft and discrete lip so I used a soft pink shade, Goldbear nr 6.

And boy do I raise my left eyebrow on all pictures! LOL It´s so funny how I spend time on getting my eyebrows on the same level when I fill them in and then out comes the camera…. and with that “the camera-brow”! Do you have something you always do on pictures?!



2 thoughts on “Makeup of the day; an updated version of classic 80´s colour

  1. Gretchen says:

    Looked amazing! you should do my makeup some day =)

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