New clothes for the cats?

So now that I started on my DIY project to turn a cardigan and a dress into a jacket (read my first post about it HERE) I was thinking that maybe I should use the leftovers to sew new clothes for my cats. Well my cats are of the breed Sphynx wich means they are naked and that means that they sometimes when we travel wears clothes… The little one doesn´t mind at all however the chubby cat with the hot temper goes into one of her bad moods when she has to wear a jacket… Now they wear black fleece jumpers I sew of my mothers old fleece jacket together with a dogjacket. But maybe it´s time for something more fashionable?!







Algonquin Hotel Cat Fashion Show

Funny Cats Fashion show_5

Funny Cats Fashion show_6

And my own lovelies;

First the little Cleo in her fleece (don´t have pics of Kyra in her fleece because she got in a bad mood and hid under the bed and then didn´t leave the travel cage on the train)

Cleo in her dogjacket

Kyra, the chubby cat (and here also grumpy cat) in her dogjacket

And at the shelf on their pillow, overseeing us at home 🙂



2 thoughts on “New clothes for the cats?

  1. aww thats adorable. i love this post.

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