Makeup of the day; Spring Glow

Howdy peepz! Today the sun was up and it wasn´t as cold as it has been here lately. Hooray! (Do note that it´s still cold enough for me to wear a thick cardigan….) 🙂 That inspired my makeup today. Also the fact that I was able to wear makeup today made me happy since I have had an allergic reaction in my eye for the past week and been forced to go out without my makeup on. 😉


Base: I used a mineral powder from .FÄRG in the colour Nordic Winter Fresh. I looooove .FÄRG´s mineral powders. They are so light that you don´t feel like you´re wearing makeup at all and yet they give you a light cover making your skin look like porcelain with a slight shimmer in it. Perfect for light and fresh makeup looks! I use Nordic Winter Fresh when I am at my palest (early springtime) and Nordic Summer golden when I get a bit of a tan. The times in between I like to mix the two to match my skintone perfectly. After the foundation I applied a bronze powder from H&M , that also has a light shimmer in it, over the face edges, chin, cheeks, forehead and nosebone, all places where the sun would naturally tan your face first.

Blush: I started with applying a bit more of the bronze powder underneath the cheekbone (where your cheeks are naturally the thinnest) then I applied a blush from FACE in colour Vision over the bronze powder. Today I also added a highlight on my cheekbones to really get a sunkissed look. I used the shimmer shades from .FÄRG in colour Bronce.

Eyes: The eyes I wanted to keep simple yet stunning and when that´s my aim I always turn to bronzes and golds. This time I used the shimmer from .FÄRG that I also used on the cheekbones, Bronce. I used THIS brush to apply it since normal brushes isn´t all too good for loose shadows. For best result just pat the loose shadow firmly onto the lid. I used a blender brush for the edges and then added a highlight, Muffin from Maleupstore, under the brow and in the inner corner of my eye with the same blender brush. My favourite is nr 217 from MAC. To finnish of the eyemakeup I applied one coat of Volume Million Lashes Excess from L´Oreal. The brows are filled in with Popularts browpen nr 2. Don´t forget to fill in your brows, they are the frame to the artwork of your eye!

Lips: I lined my lips with pen nr 11 from .FÄRG. Then I covered them with same pen but just lightly before adding lipgloss nr 6 from Goldbear.

Voilá! A quick and easy sunkissed look for sunny days!



2 thoughts on “Makeup of the day; Spring Glow

  1. themakeuphound says:

    You have a lovely glow! That eyeshadow is making your eyes pop! Nice post 🙂 Subbed xx

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