Cardigan + Dress = Jacket?! (Part 1)

This evening I finally starting on one of my DIY projects I have been thinking of lately! 🙂 I have this (crazy?!) idea about turning this boring cardigan and this out of date dress into a fun spring jacket! Now that I started on the project I can’t wait until I get to finish it! I really think it can be good. At least it looks awesome in my head! 😉 What do you think, is my mission possible?




2 thoughts on “Cardigan + Dress = Jacket?! (Part 1)

  1. […] started on my DIY project to turn a cardigan and a dress into a jacket (read my first post about it HERE) I was thinking that maybe I should use the leftovers to sew new clothes for my cats. Well my cats […]

  2. […] been super inspired two nights in a row and now my jacket is really coming along! (Read Part 1 HERE) Hooray! I can’t wait for it to get ready so I can show you! But for now I will leave you […]

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