Longing for fall?!

Yes! For a short period of time today I actually did! Wich is soooo weird…because I just can´t wait for it to become warmer here! Just the fact that it snowed this weekend made me instantly wanna move to the Caribbeans! So what triggered this weird and abnormal longning for fall then you might wonder? Well, I was browsing the web for some DIY tips. I have soooo many ideas at the moment but just not enough time to make them real since they all are a little bigger projects… I really hope I can get at least one made this weekend…cross your fingers for me! Well back to this fall-longing-buisness. I came across the 2013 fall line for Libertine. I soooo loved it! For most of my friends it would be over the top but I have always had a love for rich colours and ethnic patterns. So I thought I share some of my favourite looks with you guys! Here we go!







(All pictures from style.com)

The first and last looks here are my two favourites I think. I´d wear them in a heartbeat! Would you wear any of the looks?



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