“The black discussion”

Hm, yes I tend to have this discussion with most of my friends. Now most recently with the lovely Gretchen, or well more her, uhm brother, one could say. 😉 Robert as soooo many of my stylish swedish friends adores black. Well let´s take this back to womens fashion where I am a little more at home. Most swedish women wears mostly black from fall until spring and then maybe during the summer a pop of colour can be worn. I am opposite. I never (well let´s say til at least 90% of never) wears black during fall, winter, spring. I prefer browns as a base and just loooves to use all sort of colours into my outfits. During summertime I can wear an occasionally black or black and white outfit. When everyone else is wearing colour. Hm, am I just obstinate?! At least I am not worse then that I can admit a defeat… I was browsing through fall 2013 fashion and actually found outfits I surely could wear! And yes Robert, if you are reading this, you know by what designer… 😉





All four of the wonderful creations above are by one of my favourite designers, John Galliano. The first two is from his fall line and the second two from his resort collection. Yes I would wear this outfits! All though that don´t mean I will be starting to wear all black! 😉 Maybe an occassionally dress or pant or so…but I still am more of a colourful lady! The more the better, right? 😉



Good morning/The daily cat/Sphynx´s are weird

Good morning everyone! Remember how I found my cats in our bedspread yesterday? (If you don´t you can catch up HERE) This is what I woke up to today…



Let´s all have a wonderful day! Remember, Monday to Sunday is Funday! At least if you own Sphynx´s! 😉


I need to work on my patience…

…yes I do! Today (saturday, so technically yesterday but I´m an nightowl…) I ordered me some new nailart fun! Yay! Amongst other I have ordered me a stamping thingie and some stamping plates. I have been wanting to try one of those for the longest of times! I KNOW it is a holiday now and I KNOW delivery time is about 3 weeks…yet I just can´t wait until it arrives and I almost jumps whenever my phone buzzes in case it would be my package arriving. I also KNOW there is no delivery during night time in Sweden. But still. Miracles happens right? Do you guys stamp? Is it as much fun as I think? 😉




My look for non traditional easter dinner wiff fiancé…

Yeah we just wanted to spend time together this easter day. So after a looong walk in the sunshine, coffe downtown, some chillin in the sofa at home we decided to go out for dinner. We ended up ( as usual 😉 ) at a local italian restaurant with the best pizzas ever! 🙂 Chevré toast as starter, real thin and crisp italian pizza and then pannacotta to tip things of, yummy! When we got home I asked my fiancé to take some photos so I could share my todays look with you guys and I got company by the cutest lil model you´ve ever seen! 😉 Always nice to get a proper welcome when one steps inside the door…



Dress: Top Shop
Boots: Scorett
Watch: Regal from Ur & Penn
Bracelets: mix from H&M, Colours of India and my own DIY bracelets
Earrings: H&M
Super cutest model: The chubby cat Kyra


Base: Mineral powder from FÄRG, in Nordic Winter Fair
Blush: Vision from FACE
Mascara: Vsoya
Brows: Populart browpen nr 3
Lips: I mixed lip pens from FÄRG nr 5 and 9, then added lipgloss from Goldbear nr 20 over it


Nails of the week; Happy Dotted Easter!

Friday always means new look on my nails (but yes I realise it´s passed midnight and that it will look like this post was put up on saturday, however I still think it´s friday so hmpf if you say otherwise 😉 ) and since it is easter I wanted to use fun colours. I decided on a yellow background with colourfull dots.


For this look I used a total of 7 different polishes including the dry fast top coat from Seche Vite. I used a yellow nailpolish from Depend (356) as a base then added dots using the back end of a match and the head of a sewing pin. The orange polish is also from Depend (124). The turquise dots are made with the turquise polish in this trio and the pink ones from the pink in this trio. The green and dark purple dots are made of two of these polishes. Dots are a rather easy way to make a fun pattern on your nails and according to me a good way to start with nailart! Don´t rush putting on your topcoat though because the dots do need their drying time! (If you look closely you´ll see that patience isn´t my strong side…;) )

Hope you enjoyed the dots and your good friday! Happy Easter everyone!!!


The day about me, me, me!

Yup that was yesterday! I spent the entire day doing only things for myself. That was a day loooong overdue! 😉 I think it started with the scare visit at the hairdresser… LOL Read about that HERE. So yesterday I took the longest shower ever to take time for full body and face scrub, shaving legs, foot massage and hairtreatments. I also had lunch out with a friend, Bought me some new makeup and ended the day with a canceled class that turned into coffee and chocolate cake with my lovely Gretchen! 🙂

But today is a new day and I’m off to work in the sunshine wearing my new lipstick!