My sweet morning!

Today I had my first morning off in quite a while. Was sooooo good to sleep in! Especially since my cold is still lingering unfortunately. My fiancé has also caught it and is bed bound since yesterday… 😦 So at 2 pm I am still in my robe, got a cute little cuddly cat in my lap, a nice cup of coffee (which is already finished and I wish it wasn’t lol) and catches up on the blog. I know I have been neglecting it a bit lately…sorry… At least I got the product list up from yesterday now! Hooray!

It’s really a nice day outside here today, the sun is shining! All though it is still very cold outside so I’m not really longing to go out. In a few hours I’m off to work, got contemporary classes all night this eve. 🙂 I got some hard work cut out for my students today but I know they’re up for it! 😉 Yesterday I was subbing a class for a coworker as well as having my own, sometimes it is so nice to just go in one class and work. I really enjoyed it and I think the students had a good time too! I’m hoping to see them in my High Heels class or Latin Jazz on Monday. They seemed so inspired-nice!

Hope you all are having great days too!



Today’s makeup; purple haze (Updated with product list)

Unfortunately I am in a hurry today as well… However I do promise to once again get back to you with product list! I chose purple tones for today basically just because I am wearing a purple tunic… Sometimes early in the morning the inspiration is not at its best! 😉




Update on the product list;

Base: BB cream from Leezi nr 1, loose powder also from Leezi, bronze powder from H&M
Blush: Vision from Face
Eyes: Star Violet and Shroom from MAC, mascara from Vsoya, brow pen from Populart nr 2 and a kajal pen in colour Highlight from Kryolan on the lower waterline.
Lips: lipstick Potential from Face and then Beige nude from H&M on top and mostly in the middle of the lip


Makeup of the day

Today’s makeup is in soft pink tones with a mix of trying the new and relying on old. 🙂 My schedule today got a bit tighter then expected and it feels like I spent the entire day on the phone, so I have to get back to you with the exact products I used. Cuz now I’m off to work! My party classes on Mondays are the best! High Heels and Latin Jazz. Azúcar!




Update on products!

Base; BB cream from Leezi nr 1, loose powder from Vsoya nr 2, bronze powder from H&M
Rouge; also an asian brand that I ordered from but it isn´t in stock anymore…
Eyes; I used a light pink/purple colour on my eyelid up to the crease, Rosa Syrén from .FÄRG, then I used a grey shadow in the outercorner of the eyelid and in the creaseas well as under the lower lashline, Antracit from .FÄRG. I highlighted under the brow and in the inner corner of my eye with Vanilj, also from .FÄRG. I used a pen and drew tiny lines in between the lashes to thicken them, I used the same pencil on the waterlines both over and under the eye. Today I used Crayon Khôl from Lancôme in Noir. After curling my lashes I applied an eyeliner from Vsoya that has a filt tip for applying, a really really good everyday eyeliner that lasts and doesn´t smudge! I finnished off the eyemakeup with mascara also from Vsoya and just as the other mascara it needed quite a lot of layers to build volume. However it lasted through all classes without smudging and even though it was waterproof it was easy to remove with my makeupcleanser!
Brows; Today I tried the browpen from Populart nr 2 again and I kinda liked it better today. 🙂
Lips; I mixed my new lipgloss from Goldbear nr 20 (which is a lot lighter in colour then the picture, almost like a cream colour) with my hot pink lipstick Mandy from Makeupstore and I personally thinks it´s match made in heaven!

Hope you all are having a lovely evening!

And after work…

I promised a better review after working so here it is….

The products I used today was also from the “little” package that I had ordered from
Base: BB cream from Leezi and a powder from the same brand. The foundation was a little too light for me so I had use a bronzing powder, I used Bronzepowder from H&M.
Rouge: I used the same rouge as yesterday (since it was the only one I ordered) but unfortunatley that is also unavailable at the moment.
Eyes: I used two eyeshadows from my “old stock”, Vanilj och Kakao from .FÄRG. Vanilj on the eyelid and under the brow and Kakao in the crease and on my eyebrows. First I tried to use this eyeliner, however it was lumpy and really bad in quality. I don´t know if it was a bad batch or just bad quality overall but it didn´t run smoothly and it messed the eyelashes up a bit. I gave up after half an eye and applied the one I used yesterday, this one. It is a high shine eyeliner with a small brush that is userfriendly and leaves a smooth line when applied. I really really like this one! The fact that it lasted through all classes today without smudging makes me like it even more! This is definately a good bargain that I will make again! Since the lashes was mashed up from the bad eyeliner I used my old mascara Volume Million Lashes Excess.
Lips: I tried the new lipstick in colour #24 but it is more of a lipgloss. I still like it though. The only thing is that it didn´t last all too well, but that again for that prize reapplying is just fine! 😉

Here´s my after photos (remember I have been dancing for about 5 hours…LOL);



The before pictures you can see HERE.

The only thing I can “complain” about is that the foundation disappeared abit on my nose when I blew my nose during the evening (still got a cold…), otherwise I must say I am rather pleased with it all! 🙂


@ work

Right now I’m at working waiting to begin classes. I put on makeup from my delivery today to see if it can take the heat of three danceclasses! I tried a few new products (I will put a post up about exactly which ones when I get home and how they were when applied) with various results so it will be interesting to see how it’s holding up to the sweat-test! 😉



Another nail of this week…

I just couldn´t help myself… I have been dying to try my new polishes out soooo I went for a new nailstyle this evening. 🙂 This time I used an orange matte polish from bgirl that I ordered from and a little decoration of bronze glitter that I picked up at the same place but didn´t see when I looked at the site tonight. Simple and elegant if I may say. 🙂 What do you say?






Make up of the day; Cream n peaches!

I just had to try some of the make up I´d ordered and received earlier. I wanted to try and use only the new products, meaning the result would look fresh and clean since I didn´t order any eyeshadows. I used everything from my new order and only added an eyeshadow in colour Vanilj from .FÄRG. Here is the result;





The makeup is orderd from asian shoppingsite and I look forward to see the quality of makeup after a whole days wearing and also to see how my skin is feeling tonight after the cleansing. 🙂 As of the result in purely makeup I am quite impressed! Nice coverage from the foundation, soft matte finnish from the powder, nice colour on the cheeks and eyecreases from the blusher and soft pink high shine from the lipgloss! The eyeliner was easy to apply and I didn´t go back to do corrections at all just to see where the reault would be and I think it is quite ok! The mascara kept the eyelashes seperated but is more of an everyday mascara since it was a little hard to build up volume (I used 4 layers for this result). I also tried the brow pencil from Populart but the colour is a little too light for my natural browcolour, otherwise very easy to apply.